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About ACM – Environmental Champions

Established in 1991, ACM is a recycling-led waste management company offering a progressive alternative to traditional waste management services. We see the untapped value in waste and help clients not only reduce the cost of their waste, but harness the profit in it too.

Zero Landfill – Our Common Goal

ACM is passionate about the environment and is an active member of the government’s All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group. We believe zero landfill is an achievable and necessary goal, and are doing all we can to help businesses reduce their waste to landfill with initiatives such as our Free Waste Audits and Greener Path Programme.

ACM - leading the way and reaping the benefits

Reflecting ACM's genuine passion for improving our environment, we lead by example by eliminating our own carbon footprint through Climate Care. This has led to us being the first waste management company to be Carbon Neutral + 10%. This commitment and experience then feeds into us helping our clients dramatically reduce their own footprints and achieve zero landfill outcomes.

Since 2011, Eco House - ACM's headquarters in Waltham Abbey - has drawn its energy from solar panels installed on the building's roof. The 40KW solar array significantly contributes towards the company’s electricity consumption, with any surplus energy generated by the panels sold into the National Grid. This investment generates an ongoing guaranteed return from the Government's FiT Scheme (Feed In Tariff).

One Company, One Simple Waste Management Solution

ACM weaves three fundamental services into one cohesive and comprehensive waste management solution for all waste streams. These services are:

Waste Management Services

ACM offers UK-wide waste management services for all waste streams. We can supply your onsite waste and recycling equipment and create waste management plans from a single waste stream to our all-encompassing Greener Path Programme.

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Customer Support

Your personal ACM Account Manager will devise a waste management strategy that is
bespoke to you. He or she can also be your coach and mentor, advising on business, legislative and market changes, educating staff on best practice and ensuring you are fully compliant at all times.

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ESP / Waste track® 

Our online Environmental Services Programme allows you to check, measure and record your waste management performance 24/7. It stores sub contractor compliance information (licences, transfer notes etc) and updates news, health and safety and compliance legislation in real time.

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Free downloadable guide

Check out our free Top 8 commercial recycling tips that will obliterate your business waste


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