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Our Experience with waste management and recycling

ACM work in many aspects of commercial waste management.  We will identify where and how a business can change their waste management operation to lead operationally, financially and environmentally.  All our strategies are built around the waste hierarchy and its core principles Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

This gives us a wealth of experience in commercial waste management and recycling and a tried and tested approach to solving waste management challenges. 

Waste management and Recycling Case Studies from ACM

See our Case Studies to see how we have approached some waste management and recycling problems for business in a range of sectors here in the UK. 

ACM provides a nationwide collection service and a sustainable licensed business recycling solution with full traceability for commercial waste producers.

We have 25 years experience servicing the following sectors:

Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey

Since Oasis Academy partnered up with ACM in September 2018, we have managed to achieve 100% diversion rate from landfill, as well as achieve 48% recycling rate within 3 months. With the new segregation initiative, we will see the school achieve a whopping 85% recycling rate by 2021.

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Choice Hotels Blackpool

For many years, leading independent hotel group Choice Hotels (Blackpool) had persisted working with the local council for their waste operations, trusting that they were being provided with the best solution. With uncertainty ahead after being notified of imminent price increases, ACM were able to design a strategy tailored to Choice Hotels’ needs and protect them against severe increases.

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Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre

Being an enormous hub for the local community, Crystal Peaks were keen to increase segregation from 40% to a further 60%. By managing Crystal Peak’s waste operation efficiently, ACM were able to assist in almost tripling Crystal Peak’s recycling rate from 33% to 89% within 12 months.

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Serco Group PLC

ACM provides Serco with an improved waste management service to increase recycling rates, improve waste collection service levels, reduce costs and help demonstrate that Serco are in control of their environmental impact in relation to waste. Not only have ACM succeeding in assisting Serco accomplish this, but they have also provided significant cost savings, minimising their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

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West Ham United FC - Keeping it Clean, On and Off The Pitch

Waste left by fans was a huge problem for West Ham FC. ACM’s solution was immediately effective, reducing their annual waste-related costs by up to 40%. Best of all, it arrived in the team’s home strip!

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Radisson SAS and ACM Waste Management & Recycling Case Study

Hotel waste management specialists ACM provided an efficient, innovative and comprehensive waste management plan for Radisson SAS in the UK. Read more.

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Nailcote Hall Hotel - Generating Energy From Waste

Nailcote Hall Hotel are now generating energy from their food waste to supply a constant source of hot water which they are using to heat the hotel swimming pool.

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ZSL London Zoo & Whipsnade Zoo - Working Towards Zero Landfill

With 22 waste streams, 100s of tonnes of ‘zoo poo’ to dispose of every year and a goal to divert at least 95% of waste from landfill, ZSL required a waste management strategy on a seriously large scale!

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