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Modern, innovative waste management and recycling equipment will enhance the performance and financial return of your waste management scheme. Our range of waste management and recycling equipment was specifically designed to minimise waste to landfill whilst improving logistics, recycling rates and transport efficiency.

Don’t Waste your Waste!

How you collect and contain your waste is not just an aesthetic consideration. Storing waste and recyclables in suitable, secure conditions makes them safer, cleaner and easier to handle and as such they can achieve their optimum value for recycling, reuse or recovery.


Balers press and compact recyclables such as cardboard, plastics and paper into bales. Baling reduces the cost of storage space, handling and transportation whilst maximising the recyclable value of your waste. ACM supplies a range of balers in various sizes and specifications to suit your individual requirements.

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Compactors are an effective way of containing and transporting large quantities of dry waste and recyclable materials. Waste compacted on site will take up less space and require fewer collections, saving time and improving efficiency. ACM supplies both portable and static waste compactors.

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Packers are large, heavy-duty machines that compress large amounts of bulky or difficult waste streams such as furniture and window frames. The waste is loaded in layers that are compressed and ‘rolled’ by a heavy compaction roller. Packers deal with waste that conventional compressors could not cope with.

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Waste bin presses are a good option for small to medium businesses for which a large Compactor would not be practical or profitable. They take up little space, require minimum capital outlay and are extremely easy to use. Waste bin presses are excellent for recyclables such as cans, cardboard, crates and tins.

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Maintenance and workshop

ACM provides and offers breakdown and repair services to customers, who operate waste and recycling equipment.

ACM schedule and allocate the engineering resource to attend breakdowns or carry out repair work quoted or specified and authorised by the customer.

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Consumables & Hazardous Waste

ACM also supplies other essential waste management and recycling products such internal recycling bins, baling wire, bin stickers, plastic bags and skips. We also supply forklifts, pallet trucks and other material handling equipment, and carry out full servicing and repairs for all machinery.

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